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Galaxy A11 stolen may have to let it go

(Topic created on: 25-01-2023 04:17 AM)
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So I didn't even realize the phone was missing until morning, meaning several hours passed by without me knowing.


Thankfully my carrier was able to block the phone and was even nice enough to provide me a small credit so I could at least buy a cheap Blu phone that had my old phone number ported over.


In between the time it went missing and the activation of a new phone many attempts were made to access my Samsung account, and Google was shooting out suspicious login attempts. By the time I got both accounts secure the thief disabled location sharing on my phone

Now I really screwed up.


I noticed in my Samsung account devices tab my phone was inactive. Thinking I could change this status to active and somehow track the device......I unregistered the phone


Now previously find my mobile would display could not connect when I tried to track it. But when I removed the phone from my Samsung account it now says no registered devices.


The best I was able to do was register the phone's IMEI on my products website but this does not add any active device to either find my mobile or Samsung account.


But wait, there's more!

In order to prevent unauthorized access to my google account I did as Google suggested and signed out of my phone from their account security settings.


So now their find my device app doesn't show the A115U1 phone as it used to.


I have chatted with at least 3 Samsung agents who all told me that 24 hours after registering my product the active devices tab in my Samsung account would again show my stolen phone. Hahahaha no.


As I understand it, the thief would have to sign in to my Samsung account from the phone for this to refresh in my account. So I am all out of ideas.


At least the phone is blocked,I have backup codes to Samsung account have added the recovery question and answer and have not gotten any strange account activity from Google. I also have a working phone with my old phone number and contacts.








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I would have you banks block that device too if you have bank on your phone.

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If your network has imei blacklisted the phone then tracking wouldn't work on the phone now @Jason272042 

I assume they've blocked the sim card and your Network are sending you a new one.

Take into account you may then have to re contact your network to have the block lifted off your account for the new sim card to work.

Look to any insurance you may have that may allow a claim to help with purchasing a new phone. 

It was good Customer Service for your Network to provide funds as a Goodwill Gesture 👍 

I appreciate it's frustrating when a phone is lost or stolen as most of us have our daily life's on the phone,  and even worse when another unscrupulous person then attempts to undergo accessing your information.

I'd suggest to change all your passwords if you haven't already.

In regards to " letting the phone go " I think it's a case of how much further time and effort you want to spend on this.

It sounds to me that you have attempted what you can. 

If this was my situation I'd instead concentrate on making anything that could be accessed on the phone safe.

i.e passwords etc.

Let any contacts that was on the phone what's happened so if they receive an out of the blue text / whatsapp etc asking for funds etc to ignore this as a potential scam.

Safe Guard your contacts.

The other person won't be abke to use the phone if your network has imei blacklisted the phone.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Had a friend have his phone snatched out of his hand, he blocked the phone thinking that's should do it. One month later he get alerts saying biometric changed on his bank account. He called the bank and he found they had taken £40k and Barclays won't refund him

So contact the bank to block device and make sure they have a report of it