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Galaxy A10s bluetooth not connecting despite pairing

(Topic created on: 13-11-2023 01:23 PM)
This is an old issue, i notice as i surf for solutions.

Issue: windows 10 Pro on my HP Pavilion says I'm paired. A10s cannot connect, despite recognizing the desktop.

I do find apparent solutions. However, whether for windows or for android, I'm advised to find settings listings which do not exist for me.
An example being advice to update drivers in windows device manager. This was for remote RDNS sharing. Nothing on my network adaptors listings was called anything resmbling that.
And similarly, for android/samsung, the advice so far has been to go to settings>apps,>system apps> Bluetooth> clear cache.
Search though i did, i could not find such settings in apps. Absolutely nothing i could do.

Also, i tried every security I'm aware of or could find.
Both on windows (e.g. enable calls, firewall, etc) and android. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

So, i can't properly share files either way now either.
And cannot share internet via Bluetooth nor via USB.
Strangely, if i do try to connect via USB, the phone says it is connected, but windows 10 seems to start off as seeming connected, then the connection icon switches off soon after. In effect appearing to be the bluetooth issue in reverse.
Altogether a really sorry state of affairs.

Is there anybody at all aware of any fixes to try for 2023 for A10s and Windows 10?