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Galaxy A-Series and One UI Enhancements Suggestions * AN OPEN LETTER *

(Topic created on: 04-09-2022 02:45 PM)

I'm planning to get a new Samsung phone either the A52s or A53 or the S20/S21 FE line. But I think there are so many things that needs to be done and things that should be done to improve things. So, here are my suggestions to your One UI and phones especially your midrange lineup:

1. A way to hide apps via Good Lock or a new feature by way of gestures, swipes or code on the keypad. Secure Folder is too cumbersome, confusing and has too many processes involved.

2. Vertical app scrolling.

3. Full, unrestricted compatibility using Android gestures especially when a third-party launcher is installed - this is one way to significantly reduce the lag, improve animations and vastly improve performance (both Exynos & Snapdragon devices)  OR

4. Enhanced compatibility with well-known third-party launchers such as Microsoft launcher and Nova Launcher

5. More devices with Snapdragon chips - It has been well documented that Exynos chips are slower overall and camera quality is compromised. 

You will find I have made the same suggestions for a VERY long time now and that these suggestions are consistent with what people are complaining and requesting online - in your community and various dependable sources. There are reasons why phone reviews exist. 

So, the question is: why hasn't these been actioned and implemented then? Could you please be more active in taking these suggestions seriously as they are extremely useful.

As an Android user of 13 years I cannot stress this enough. PLEASE KINDLY DO THIS! Cheers.

Get 21 FE 5G best midrange I think snapdragon 888G 120hrz I've got the A52s 5G and good but my next phone is going to be the s21 FE 5G or an s21 or 22 FG want ever cheaper contract on EE at the time
I'm concentrating on a phone with a Snapdragon chipset as we all know they are better in performance and cameras in general.
My only issue with the S21 FE 5G is it's small form factor. I prefer sizes such as the A52s or slightly bigger.
Ive been making almost the same suggestions to Samsung and almost everytime my thread has been met by derition, hostility, rudeness or messages would just dry up after a few days.
It is frustrating that no one in Samsung actually listens or knows whet they are doing. Why so much lag in the UI? Why the regional fragmentation of the Exynos and Snapdragon chips? Why such features are still not available on Samsung whilst OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, Poco have embraced them a while ago..