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Does Dual SIM work well?

(Topic created on: 02-11-2022 06:09 PM)
I'm thinking of getting another SIM card, but from a different network. 
Has anybody got any experience from using the Dual SIM feature? I've got the A53 5G, but I'd like to know anyone's experience with using it. I could understand the battery my take a hit. Especially if both SIM's are active simultaneously. 
I'm on the edge of the network signal at times, on my main SIM. Having another SIM from a different network would be very handy if one signal is stronger than the other. 
Works really well for me on my S22 Ultra. I use a second SIM from another network partly because, with my job I can be working in a different location each day. It's rare now that I go to a location where at least one SIM doesn't have a good signal.

The other reason I use the second SIM, is that my main network hasn't fully rolled out 5G in my home town, but my second network gives pretty decent 5G speeds in my home town.

As for the battery taking a hit, I honestly can't say that I've noticed any significant reduction in battery life (both SIM's are always active). I'm sure it may have an effect, but for me it's not noticeable.

One more advantage I've found by using 2 SIM cards (not something I considered before I used 2). Whenever I need to provide a number for things like online shopping or even some people that aren't friends but I need to contact occasionally for work, I give my second number. That way my main line stays virtually free from unimportant texts or calls
Thanks so much for your reply, that sounds great to me.
I've got to go out in a few minutes, so won't have time to try it, till I get back later on this evening. It will be very interesting to see how I get on with it by tomorrow evening.
Thanks again 👍🏻