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Cable Connected/Disconnected Notification

(Topic created on: 06-07-2022 06:01 AM)
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Galaxy A Series

I bought Samsung A72 and less than I year, I am already having this problem. It won't disappear as Samsung forbids user to stop such notification. I search online and samsung has no resolution for it. It is draining my battery faster. Now it is also showing on my A51 and Samsung S7 FE. I now believe that samsung is selling defective products and will no longer buy any of its product. Luckily my Samsung Watch 4 Classic doesn't have USB port for it.

Galaxy A Series

hello everyone having this terrible usb cable connected/disconnected notification problem.

i have an a51 phone and i started having this annoying problem some time ago  i googled it and tried whatever i saw in forums or youtube but no result. 

i just gave it up and resorted to turning it off everytime i charged the phone. but yesterday  even that wasn't enough and i googled it one more time. i read again something like "developper options" in settings and i tap on the ***** notification and went to setting and pushed here and there. i don't know what exactly i did but the problem just disappeared. so the solution is definitely in the developper options. 

good luck to you all. there is hope