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A71 Android 12 rant!

(Topic created on: 07-05-2022 08:17 PM)

Got the update yesterday & I wish I hadn't!

They've disabled the System UI demo mode which I was using to hide the clock in the notification bar. I have a date/time widget, I don't want 2 clocks 😤

Twitter is slow & stalling (restarts, deleting cache etc doesn't make a difference) 🙄

Colours based on the wallpaper- it doesn't accurately reflect the colours so what's the point? Why can't we just choose colours regardless of the wallpaper?! 🤔

Still haven't fixed the lock screen clock - we should be able to move it to where we want it on the screen. 😠

Not much seems to have changed - most of the things listed here seem to be missing. It seemed like it updated properly & I restarted but not much is different. I am annoyed about the demo mode being disabled. They always take something away - last time it was the ability to prevent individual apps from accessing data/wifi 😡


ETA- and there's a weird clicking sound everytime I get a notification that is separate to the notification sounds, wtf is that!

It's awful isn't it! My a51 was awful after updating and was so slow even reset it and made no difference. I ended up getting a new phone with the android 12 already installed and it seems fine now.
I agree. My A71 updated yesterday to One UI 4.1. MY whole phone has been highjacked by this "virus". The font size has changed on my calender messing up the format. Phone font size changed. Message and email font size changed. Clicky sounds from setting an alarm! Clicky sounds from keyboard. I've spent hours in Settings trying to turn all this CHILDISH JUNK off.

I'm going out today to buy an iPhone. And belive me I HATE APPLE. But the endless updates highjacking my phone display set up and sound settings etc has driven me mental this year. Samsung need to stop employing children to design updates and stop highjacking my settings. One UI 4.1 is like Windows 10. A virus!@! 😡
I'm glad I came across this thread. I updated my A71 about 4 weeks ago to Android 12 and the phone is useless. It is beyond slow and lags like hell when opening apps, I open an app and I get this awkward freeze where it locks to the screen when opening an app and is unresponsive for like 10 seconds. Add to that watching a video and going to landscape is beyond unusable as it freezes again to the point were I've to turn the phone on and off.
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OMG there is also the thing when you try to unlock the phone and sometimes the clock disappears, a black screen comes up , or white screen , or just a blurred wallpaper and you can't even do emergency calls. The system UI completely crashes and the only thing working is Bixby and opening apps via Bixby doesn't even work. This issue has been driving me mad for the last month and it gets even more frequent these days ..