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A70 screen will not dim/USB connection.




I've noticed a problem with my A70 regarding trying to dim the screen when locking manually or expecting it to lock after screen timeout.


Basically, my phone won't sleep, at least not whilst charging. I spent a good while playing around with settings on my phone, such as timeout and lock screen settings. I also powered off the device but no luck.


After trying to figure out the problem further I discovered that the notification tray is being constantly updated every few seconds swapping between "Android system USB connector connected" and "Android system USB connector disconnected". So presumably this is what is keeping the phone awake as it thinks it is being constantly connected and disconnected from source USB source. I cleaned out the USB port but it was pretty clean to begin with. I'm not getting any notifications regarding any moisture detection.


The A70 charges just fine (though sometimes there is a slight delay to it recognising being plugged in) and it seems that the USB tethering interface is working well as I can use the remote debugging feature in Google Chrome (for web development purposes) just fine. As far as I can tell, there are no actual issues with the USB port - it functions as I would expect.


The A70 was last updated on the 14th August to "Security Patch level: 1 July 2019" and looking over the log of updates I see that "The charger/USB port's moisture detection algorithm has been improved" - so someone somewhere has been looking at this feature and I doubt it coincidence that my device has just developed a fault, given that I've not had it anywhere near moisture or excessive dirt.. and the port still actually works!


I've also tried Safe Mode but the issue persists. Also, if I power the device off, then plug it into the wall, power it on, the notification issue stops... until I unplug it/switch off the wall socket - then it comes back again.


Anyone else having similar problems?

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No it hasnt come back as of yet.been over a month since any problems

Yeah this happened to me after 5 months of owning the phone, had it fixed was a hardware fault with the USB port, then exactly 5 months later it's broken again, slightly different wont connect to PC, slow charging, charger only works one way, I've had that message pop up once I'm now waiting for it to come again, I had a replacement charger sent out it worked for a day then started doing the same thing, I think it's just a cheap port and its corroded quicker than other ports, it's definitely a manufacturing fault and design oversight, samsung needs to recall these devices, I've exercised my rights and have reasonably requested a replacement device to guarantee that its nothing in particular with my device, I hope they honor this, theyve sent me something in post but no one told me what it is or that they were sending me something, I feel that in a few month time if I get a new device and that one breaks I want a 100% refund or an alternate device


I needed to replace the Port Board in order to fix this problem. Been two week since I replaced it and I had no problem until now!


I just called my service provider. Told me to turn off phone, wait 3 minutes then turn back on.


No problems since, that was 3 months ago.


Just updated to Android 11 two days ago, have been having this issue since. Gonna try some solutions on this board, but in the meantime anybody else able to confirm the resurgence of "USB Connection connected/disconnected" with the latest update?


I can confirm that once I used the electrical contact cleaner on my port the issue has not come back since. It's been well over a month now 


I've been down every road and the issue comes back it's a manufacturing fault and needs to be fixed they found issues with an app and replaced the part at fault. I would recommend getting I'd done to make sure the problem is completely gone.


Had this issue 6 months ago never replaced nothing i was using a aftermarket fast charger that started the screen issue. So i went back with samsung charger/drained the battery to 0% and over charged the battery with the phone off for 2hrs and the issue went away.

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I am getting exactly the same problem (as from 20 July 2020) and looking at all the other commentators with the issue and not much of a coherent solution in sight, plus not a word from Samsung that I can see, this will be the last Samsung product I will ever buy for sure - ABSOLUTE PIECE OF $#!T.

what is electrical contact clear
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