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A53 / A54 5G / S20 - Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (RD Client) - very often reconnecting and crashing. Exynos issue ?

(Topic created on: 14-07-2023 01:15 PM)
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I own Samsung A51 and also older A20.  Never had serious issues with apps crashing and especially RD Client from Microsoft. Used it also on Honor8.  It crashed without obvious reason maybe once in a month or year.

With A53 5G  RD Client is reconnecting and crashing constantly - every few minutes, max hours. 10-30 times a day. But I also noticed some other apps are crashing more frequently, like Waze. I also experienced some weird issues, like phone refused to charge with 2 different chargers or got message that phone has moisture in charging connector (was perfectly dry and clean). After reboot it was ok.

Crashing and reconnecting has probably something to do with higher data transfers, but not 100% sure (if I play video in RD connection - higher data transfer, it will crash more often).

It is also known A53 wifi connection is dropping with TP Link Deco X60 routers (mesh)

Few days ago, whole mainboard was replaced in my phone in service centre, but it did not resolve the issue. Tested it maybe on 10 different wifi networks and routers 2.4 and 5Ghz. It is crashing also on mobile connection.

Any users with same experience ? 

Update: I recently tested Remore Desktop on A54 5G and Samsung S20 and it is also crashing same way. Strange, but it seems this app did not work correctly on newer Exynos chipsets.

Can somebody test RD Client on Snapdragon based Samsung phones ?