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A53 5G Annoying Faults Preinstalled

(Topic created on: 01-02-2023 02:21 AM)

Just purchased an A53 5G and disappointed in the preinstalled stuff that nearly made me take the phone back but with perseverance and searching endlessly online I have solved most of them. This shouldn't be necessary.

The phone was taking screenshots endlessly and my gallery was full of them. One 2 hour walk resulted in 39 screenshots. Now disabled.

Switched off Palm Swipe too as this seemed to be activating itself.

Uninstalled all the software that was possible to do that I didn't want.

Email only showed mail from the last few days. I wondered where it had all gone but then found out I needed to search online for an answer to this too. Needs syncing "All Time". Another silly thing to have to do.

Turned off "Analyse on-screen text" as this is unnecessary.

Had to put on "Accidental Touch Protection"

Gallery is messy, shows photos randomly instead of those last entered, now have to press the three lines to view recent.

Gallery has limited facilities compared with that on my previous Huawei P20 lite which was excellent. Biggest nuisance is no sharpening tool.

The biggest let-down is the camera. Wow for a 64MP camera it's shocking, how come? Zoom in and it looks like something from outer space, can hardly make things out. Again, comparing it with my P20 lite which was excellent.

On the whole I love the product but feel some of the items mentioned above need addressing. Probably most important would be to provide a leaflet in the box with all the features that are enabled/disabled to save having to look through every single setting in the phone before being surprised by what is happening.







Black Belt 
Try Open Camera from Google Play Store, it can enable RAW via API2 mode if your A53 supports it. My phone was taking poor quality photos too with the stock camera. Open Camera made that much difference it's like a completely different device took the same picture. As for the weird ROM issues that is highly surprising and a little suspect. Where did you buy the phone from? Was it sold as new? If so, use the Members App to run diagnostics and then report to Samsung everything above. It's something that should never happen and your workarounds are hardly ideal either, especially constantly synchronising emails as that will eat data and tank the battery.

Thanks, the Open Camera looks better. Not sure what ROM means in relation to my points. The phone was bought brand new in the UK from Argos.

Should have kept the P20 lite