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A51 Bluetooth issues



I've always enjoyed my Samsung smart phones, but not my new A51. I have a serious problem with bluetooth. Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting and/or stuttering. I have a feeling its software is buggy. Has anyone faced this issue and if yes, do you know of a solution? I have updated the software to the latest version.


** Further updates (4-Feb-2020): today while playing an audio book on my bluetooth headset (Samsugn Level U), voice disappeared and I could only hear noise; I had to restart the phone to resolve the issue (back to Windows 98 theme); I hope Samsung can resolve this asap. It is a serious issue.


** Update (10-Feb-2020): i have just installed the update A515FXXU2ATA8/A515FOJM2ATB1/A515FXXU2ATA8 size: 351.39 MB (dated: Feb 1, 2020). will start testing and provide updates in a few days. 


** Update (14-Feb-2020): after a few days of testing, I can confirm the Bluetooth issues no longer exist. I have been playing Bluetooth audio and no disconnections or stuttering occurs. 




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i have the same bluetooth issues you have and i got my phone 3 days ago i updated the software to android 10 and i still have the problems.

I solved my problem by selling a Samsung phone and buying myself an Iphone.
After my phone spent one month in the support service and after that I was told that I can pick it up and then maybe they will contact me and offer a solution. But when it will not be known.
I realized that they just have a bad bluetooth module and some updates will not help.
Normal companies in such cases simply recall the model from the market.
But not SAMSUG.
Very bad SAMSUNG you have dropped to the level of cheap low-quality devices.
I won’t buy a single SAMSUNG device anymore. For me, this is now the worst company.

I installed the latest software update when it came out from Samsung a couple of weeks ago (Anroid version 10?) and it seems to have fixed my problem. Fingers crossed. 

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I too have the same issues, 2 x A51's in our household, both suffer horrendous static and crackling on playing music on my nuforce be2's when connected by bluetooth.  All other phones work fine, apple iphone 8, 11, xr, old samsung j5, old Samsung s7 with the same headphones.  Come on Samsung, sort these out or back they come


Hello there,


I have paired my A51 with new JBL headphones and Xtreme2 speaker and same problem with BT. Most times the phone is standing next to the paired device, but ocasionally music sounds as if you were going with the phone too far from the device's reach (typical weaking signal sounds) In my case, the sound cracks doesn't follow a pattern. The only pseudo-pattern I have noticed is that the disturbance sometimes shows up when I start using the sound-source app like YouTube or Spotify and/or in the moment when I am pairing other BT component in the surroundings; in both cases the sound starts ramdonly cracking and some minutes later it stabilizes and remains well.


After having cheked most of the forum's comments on this issue, and having already tried some "solutions" , and considering I have the latest software release (June 2020), it is obvious that this problem remains still unsolved by Samsung. This is a real shame for this firm considering that this A51's failure has been going on for months without solution -and we are talking about a pricey mid-range cell phone from a respectable technology brand.


Samsung: Please do something definitive.


Its not working


this issue still not solved on my A51 device and it is driving me crazy. 

I've updated the system 2 weeks ago but still have the same stupid disconnecting. 

This will be my last Samsung device.


Please inform me on what you done to fix the bt connection problem. My wife has the a51 also. 

I just downloaded the latest software update. when I first got the phone I was having the same problem, then there was a software update not long after and that solved it so only thing I can suggest is make sure you have the latest update. can't understand why people are still having the same problem. hope that helps 🙏


July 8th-10th: After calling Samgung's support center (Chile) I got my A51 factory restarted and... the BT problem persisted. I sent the phone to Samsung's laboratory for deep checking. I will keep posting updates. 

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