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Stable Android 10 released


The stable Android 10 has been released in Germany today, any idea when it might be released here in the UK?


I've not had any response to that and I've logged a few bluetooth issues. 

I dont want to update to the stable version, still have issues, then be unable to go to 9. 

Too many things about 10 that I dont like anyway, and prefer 9, so gonna go back regardless if I can. 


Think the beta time spent six weeks getting the useless battery graphs working, still don't understand them. Good luck getting back to pie, fingers crossed for ya 


Those battery graphs have never worked right for me. That's other feedback I've sent that's unanswered. 

Mine now work, probably as they were intended but prefer old style battery info.
Can't fault beta moderators done a fine job but I think it was too early to release " stable" version, can only think team under pressure of deadlines

Not there yet - have been backing up photos and various files.

Smart Switch on the PC still has the option to go back to the previous version, so I'm going to do that.


Meanwhile, I've figured out what my next device will be lol Will be time to check out OnePlus. 


I had the one plus 5t, lovely phone super fast face unlock, camera only ok, buy phone excellent build and software. Don't know why I keep coming back to Samsung but I do. I've also had HTC and LG phones, loved my LG G3. Maybe my next phone will be LG will do some research. Best wishes whichever way you go

Android 9 is already great 😀 

Much better battery usage graph, easy bluetooth audio device switching, and battery is more stable on idle. 

Oh and actually useful notifications too, that are easy to take in from just a glance unlike the "simplified" Android 10 notifications. 

I've turned off automatic updates because it tried downloading Android 10 almost straight away.

I think I'll be staying on this version now.