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DeX for PC App for Android 10 Beta Users

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator


From Android 10, user agreement is required to use Samsung DeX for enhanced personal data protection and security purpose.
Agreement button will show up once the mobile device is connected to the PC via USB cable.


Select “Agree” in order to run Samsung DeX.


Please download “DeX for PC app for Android 10 Beta” from the following link and install it on the PC to use Samsung DeX with Android 10 beta device


[Download Link]
- DeX for PC App WINDOWS 7 & 10 for Android 10 Beta
- DeX for PC App Mac for Android 10 Beta


※ If you already have Samsung DeX installed on your PC, please uninstall it and reinstall “DeX for PC App for Android 10 Beta”.
※ For more details regarding Samsung DeX, please visit http://www.samsungdex.com

Thank you.


First Poster


I just install andoid 10 beta on my S10e. 


I want to try Dex on Windows 7. So I have installed Dex with the link on your message.


But when I connect my phone, Dex is launched with a black screen. And on my phone, the screen blink and switch between protrait and landscape without stopping.


Is it normal at this point of the beta?


Thank you.


Hey @Persim 


This definitely doesn't seem normal :thinking-face:

Please try it again, and if the same thing happens, right after you disconnect your device, make sure to share an error report via Beta Feedback option in Samsung Members app!