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Bluetooth calls

Helping Hand

How are people getting on with bluetooth calls?

I've just started a call and the bluetooth icon was highlighted and the earphones name was shown, but the call audio was still on the handset.

Tapping the bluetooth icon didnt switch it, it just stayed on the handset. 


It happened on an earlier beta but to be honest I've not initiated many calls with bluetooth since then. 

Surprised I've not seen any posts about it. 

I've sent feedback, just wondered if it was just me 🤔


Helping Hand

I took one earbud out to take the call on the handset earpiece. 

When I put the earbud back in after the call and it reconnected it let out an almighty screech. Stopped when I took it out, did it again when it put it back in. Was like an audio feedback loop as tho mic was still active or something.

I've sent feedback about that too.


Hey @ryamoo 


Thanks for sharing those errors with us!

I have seen that there have been some fixes regarding audio with a connected bluetooth device, so that will help for sure with analyzing it further.

I rarely use Bluetooth accessories for calls, but had never had a problem when listening to music on them :thinking-face:


Music has been okay - other than the feature removal I keep complaining about for quick audio device output change. 


I was listening to music on the earphones before I made the call.