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Battery usage

(Topic created on: 06-11-2019 01:27 PM)
Helping Hand

I've seen posts about the new battery usage screen, but not specifically about my issue (or I've missed them).


I think it's a bit useless. It's nice that I can see usage in 2 hour chunks by tapping that 2 hours chunk on the graph, so I guess I could target whatever has been draining my battery.

However, "Screen on time" for the day is no good to me. It was much more informative when it was since last full charge.


You can see in my screenshot it shows 1 hour 50 minutes SOT, and I'm at 72%. If I use those figures it might suggest I would get 6.5 hours of screen on time in total.

That is not the case because I know some of that screen on time was after midnight and before I went to bed leaving my S10 charging.

Adding up the SOT in the 2 hour chunks, my "since last full charge" is about 1 hour 20 minutes. With that and the 72%, I'm projecting about 4 hours 40 minutes of SOT. That's more like what I usually get (very poor, but that's a seperate issue and why I probably won't be getting another Galaxy S-series device. In the 25 minutes since taking that screenshot, emailing it to myself, and typing this post on my computer, and swiping a few notifications/deleting the emails, my S10 has dropped to 69%). 
Screenshot_20191106-130053_Device care.jpg

So, I think battery usage should show "Since last full charge" info again as it did with Android 9. 


Well said!
Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hi @ryamoo 


As you have said, this topic has already been mentioned.

Even in a Suggestions category on this Community.

And I'll be honest with you, I have already spoken with the development team responsible for that.


They have said that the new concept should be more friendly for the casual user.

However, I am still trying to discuss that with them!  :fisted-hand:


So it would really help if all of you, who support the old concept, could like the suggestion related to this change :winking-face: