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4th UK Beta Binary

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hello everyone!


You should be able to download the 4th Beta Binary now :party-popper:

The version name is ZSKF.


Major bugs that have been fixed:

- Black screen appears when device is unlocked using fingerprint
- 'Call/text on other devices'  text constantly appears
- The date is not shown in AOD Photo Mode
- AOD animation frames drop
- Camera zoom and camera mode icons overlap
- Photos taken with a Camera are not displayed in the Gallery
- Status bar disappears while using the Internet app
- Device care widget display error
- Music quality is significantly worse after the update



great news but when you say

Music quality is significantly worse after the update


do you mean after this update :LOL 😂 

Haha @London2tim 

I meant that the problem of Samsung Music's quality being poor after the last update has been fixed :face-with-tears-of-joy:

I hope it will be improved now :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed:

Battery usage section in device management still dont show the vertical bars of Last 7 days use which was shown in 1st beta @TomaszT .

It does show on mineScreenshot_20191118-163908_Device care.jpg


Yes got this one just now and it's getting better the smoothness and fluidity 😁
Just having a play around with it now 😁😁

Screenshot_20191118-165817_Device care.jpgand mine.....

Hi @BambiD  I think the top graph is for % of on charge time so should show after you have put in on charge. It seems to forget after you have done an update then will remember after charging 

On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders

I've noticed a new issue with audio bar. It stayed permanently, not sure how to get rid of. Anyone else seen this? Attaching screenshot. I'll try restarting the phone.Screenshot_20191118-172444_Chrome.jpg


Sadly not showing for me.