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Samsung trying to renaig on warranty

(Topic created on: 02-03-2020 04:07 PM)
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I received a 24 samsung pc monitor as a free gift when i took out my Samsung S10 mobile phone contract out in April 2019 my Monitor was delivered back end september beginning october 2019. When the monitor was delivered it was not needed immediately so we never opened the package until the weekend of 29/02/2020  which is when we got our new pc tower when it came to set it up once turned on it was obvious that the screen is broken, I went to the o2 shop today where i took out my contract and they have told me to contact samsung directly because the promotion for the monitor was direct with Samsung. I have spoke to samsung today on live chat and they have told my the warranty is void because its physical damage.

Samsung said " I completely understand Wendy. But that we are bound with processes and policies that is strictly needs to be followed. We cannot say if you received the monitor with a damaged screen when in fact you did not open  that upon purchase couple of months ago. That won't be enough reason for it to be shouldered by warranty. Once the unit got a physical damage, the warranty will be voided. "

So i politely responded with "so let me get this clear you're telling me that for my warranty to be valid i had to open the item and check it on the day of delivery?"
Samsung are trying to use physical damage to get out of fulfillng warranty obligations
to which i have said that upon opening my item, i didnt see any damage until the monitor was connected to my pc and switched on
ive asked for complaints department details ie number and email address on to be told that they dont know complaints department details . Im certainly not letting this drop and im also never going to buy another samsung product their customer service is disgusting and unreal