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Samsung Odyssey G7 - Initial Review

(Topic created on: 06-06-2021 08:05 PM)
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Hey guys,

So, after an enormous amount of review watching, forum reading and general looking for every detail I could find, I bought a Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T.  I purchased it on Friday night really late and, it was as though I was a thing possessed.  I decided a long time ago (a few months) I needed a larger Monitor.  My ASUS 24" 144Hz was fine but, as I am getting older, my eyes were getting tired.

Okay so, my initial thoughts and, a question or two if anyone cares to weigh in.

Pro's (things I personally like).

Setting it all up.  Putting the stand together was simple and easy (although I was confused by the wall mount being in there).  Packaging had almost too much protection, which meant the everything arrived completely scratch free. 

It works straight out of the box and I noticed an immediate difference in the screen size and, wow, that curve.  I was completely troubled by having a monumental curve, especially as the 'Gold Standard' is 1800R.  This is 1000R and, makes me feel 'hunkered in' when I am playing World of Tanks (the game I am into at the moment).

The menu - what can I say, I love a good play.  'What does this do' is such a me thing.  Lots and lots of modes to play with.  Love it.

The 'Core' lighting - I really though that this was going to be super intrusive, 'no, bugger that, I'm not having that sh**e on' .  It's not intrusive at all (for me).  Gives a barely visible glow around the back and underside.

Super Fast.  There is no discernible input lag that I can tell.  No ghosting (on World of Tanks anyway) and the colours are rich and vibrant.  Everything is, of course, set at 240Hz but, I can't see any difference between 144Hz and 240Hz - not yet on this game at least.

Cable management, it's just excellent - simple and works well.

Cons - (What I didn't like)

Probably only 2 things thus far.

Definitely the 'Display Port Cable' way way too short - it's probably a 1 Metre tip to tip and isn't gold plated.  I put it in to give it a go and it just (and I had to put my PC right up against the back of the desk for it to fit.  I have gone back to my 2 Metre Gold Plated 8K DP Cable and it's fine (which is why I am writing this review).

Second, the Stand - it's bloody massive and intrusive and it wobbles (on the 32").  I have overcome this issue.  I pulled my desk out (and my desk is 60CM Deep) so it now sits against the wall (as per photo 1).  It just gives me more room on my desk, pulls the monitor away about 10cm (which may not sound much, but it so is with the stand).  The most important bit, it stops the wobble.  Not that it wobbles that much because I don't tend to kick the desk that much lol.


So, that's probably it to be fair.

Question(s) though. 

How do I know, or get the G-Sync working on the monitor, or does it just do it?  Is it a desktop thing with the NVidia Display Control Panel?

Is my Firmware up to date, or, do I need to update it?  Or is it just the adage of, if it's not broke, don't fix it :smiling-face:

Firmware Version is : M-TG700CCAA-1010.3

My PC is :

Intel i7-9700K

ASUS Rog Strix B360-H Gaming

64GB Ram 2666 Mhz (I think)

EVGA RTX 2070 Super Black Edition

2 x 1 TB EVO 970 Samsung SSD HD

Now - Odyssey G75T :smiling-face:

2 x photos below for reference :smiling-face: Thanks for readingphoto 1.jpgphoto 2.jpg

strawberry cake
Computers & IT



wow! what a beast setup you have ☺

try heading to nvidia control panel → display → g-sync

turn off first the 240Hz mode on your monitor



(")_(") strawberry cake so delicious