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Samsung Odyssey G7 completely D/C from input requires unpluging power outlet to reboot

(Topic created on: 05-01-2021 01:38 AM)
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My current situation is as follow, 


Never had a problem with my Odyssey G7 until, I hooked up a new projector from Optoma UHD50X to my graphic card Nvidia 3080 from MSI.  


The Windows display setting are set to duplicate my G7 display, 


The problem arises whenever there is HDR content being processed while the G7 is being duplicated to the projector   whether in a video game or while watching netflix the effect is instantaneous the moment HDR content starts being processed the G7 discconnect from the input the screen turns black likes it's powered out the menu button can not change input or reopen the G7 the only way to reopen the screen is to unplug the power cord and plug it back at that point if HDR content is not being processed the Screen will remain active if HDR content is still being processed it will hard shutdown again. The projector still remains open and still shows the content, in windows display setting the G7 is no longer available. 


Now I had a older Display that also supported HDR and I ran some test and the older display does not crash when HDR content is being processed. while the screen is being duplicated to the projector. so it seems it really is an issue with the G7 display is there anyway to fix this ?


Update, I was able to fix this issue by connecting the G7  to the 3080 Hdmi instead of display port now G7 no longer crash, previously both were connected to a Display port on the 3080

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alright, as a fix you used HDMI instead of DP cable 😎


just in case, driver and firmware update - link 



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