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Samsung Odyssey G3 source detection is very clumsy

(Topic created on: 28-03-2024 04:23 PM)
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I just bought an Odyssey G3 27” and I regret it already. I have a 2 laptop setup with a shared single monitor. I'm switching between my work (DP) and home (HDMI) laptops according to my needs. Before I had an Asus monitor and source detection was a breeze, never had any problems. But Samsung is a nightmare and it's driving me crazy. Here are the main scenarios:

- After using my work laptop with the monitor in "Second screen only" mode, I want to switch to "PC screen only" from Windows display settings. But after setting it, Samsung automatically switches back to "Extend" mode. Even if I set source detection to manual at monitor settings, it still does that. Asus obeyed my display settings.

- My 2 laptops are both on, work laptop is using the monitor, home laptop is in ""PC screen only" mode. I turn off work laptop, switch to "Extend" mode on my home laptop, but there is only a black screen on monitor. It fails to detect HDMI. Only option afterwards is to do a hard reset of laptop via power button. If I restart or shutdown, it still fails to recognize HDMI. Asus used to instantly recognize it.

As I said I'm extremely disappointed with this Samsung monitor. I installed the latest firmware, but still no help.