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Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop Canvasbio Fingerprint Scanner Driver Repeatedly Disappears

(Topic created on: 14-08-2023 11:05 AM)
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I have a Galaxy Book Ion laptop (NP950XCJ-K01UK) running Windows 11 v22H2 and the fingerprint scanner driver (v2.4.1.882) randomly disappears.  Samsung Update says there are 11 drivers normally and it randomly drops to 10 and the 'fingerprint sensor driver' just disappears from the list and Windows settings confirms this as the fingerprint option becomes unavailable. There's no obvious pattern to this and Samsung Update does not show any updates being made when it does disappear. I've found how to re-download the driver using Samsung Update but that doesn't seem to recover it. It downloads the driver file to my 'downloads' file but when i run the install it doesn't recover the driver even after a restart. I've found an elongated way to recover online it by resetting the 'TPM Key' but thats a bit laborious. Anyone having similar issues? Any ideas why the driver keeps disappearing and how to stop it and/or a quick recovery?

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I have the exact same problem on 15" Galaxy Pro Laptop, it started happening after a driver for the scanner was released in May and has been a problem ever since. It's really annoying.