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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex UK

(Topic created on: 24-06-2020 10:18 AM)


I have just purchased the new Galaxy Book Flex as i needed a new laptop and preferred a 2 in 1 laptop. I had the device for a week now. It is beautiful but has a major issue which i am not sure if it is related to my device alone or if it is a general issue. 

The hinge is way to soft. Even when typing the screen keeps moving, not a lot but enough to give me a headache when i spend longer hours working with the device.


If i hold the laptop from the base and i start walking the lid will slowly fall backwards. 


I am also wondering if over time with the repetead flipping in tablet mode the hinge may become even softer.

I note the samsung waranty is only one year. 


I am not sure this would last as long as my previous laptop which lasted for 8 years and still in great structural shape.


Any thoughts or similar experiences?



I can't offer any advice yet, but I have just purchased a Flex which is due to arrive tomorrow.  I will provide you with an update in a couple of days.


Hi Sigma501,


I hope your device has no issues.

I spoke to Samsung yesterday, they will replace mine so i am sending it back in.

To be honest i am very sceptical as i fear it is a design issue, but that is an assumption based on all the reviews i have seen highlighting the issue.


It's a shame as i really like the device. It is sleek, practical and very fast. I have been comparing it with my partner's Surface Pro X. The sound is definetley a lot better on Surface Pro X. The screen is brighter on the Galaxy Book Flex, but not as sharp as the Surface Pro X, yet colours are better on The Galaxy Book Flex. But this is just my personal opinion.

I have no particular knowledge in the particular specs, so i base my feedback only on my personal experience. 


I find the pen writting experience about the same on both devices. The S Pen is very thin as oposed to the Surface Slim Pen. But again, most of my writing instruments are on the thiner side as it is my preference.


The baterry is goodish, definetley not what they claim, it depends very much on what you use the laptop for.

For example I had a 5 hours zoom meeting yesterday and i had to charge it as it ran out relatively quick. 

The camera is not that great. At least in comparison with the Surface Pro X which has a 5 MP front camera.


I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on how you find the device.

Best wishes