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Questions about 860 EVO encryption

(Topic created on: 17-07-2018 06:08 PM)
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I'm looking at using an 860 EVO in encrypted drive mode on windows 10 (eDrive/bitlocker) but have some questions before I actually enable it.


I know all the steps to actually enable and use the functionality but it's after that I have questions about.


Just for referencer I'll probably be using Bitlocker secured with a pin/password, no TPM.


1) If I decide to re-install the operating system is it just like software based bitlocker where I simply boot from the windows installer USB, erase the partitions and start again?

    1a) If not will I have to disable bitlocker before re-formating and re-installing or will there be any additional steps required?

    1b) If I can't simply erase the old partitions and further steps are required, what would happen if the OS becomes unbootable/corrupt and requires re-installation? (this may be related to question 2, too)


2) If the OS becomes unbootable is it possible to put the  eDrive/bitlocker encrypted SSD in another PC and recover data? I've read the following on the samsung magician manual on the Samsung website...


"Data Security
Class 0, TCG Opal and Encrypted Drive cannot be enabled simultaneously.
Only one mode can be enabled at a time and all other modes must be
Security mode (Class 0, TCG/Opal or Encrypted Drive) must be disabled
(unlocked) before removing and installing onto another PC. "


which is...very confusing. When it says must be disabled (unlocked) does it mean encrypted drive disabled? Which you cannot do without a PSID revert which will erase all data...Or does it just mean you need to disable bitlocker? Which brings me back to what I was asking...if the OS becomes corrupt and you want to recover data in another PC does that become impossible when you can't disable bitlocker/encrypted drive? And it also makes me doubt the ability to easily reformat as per question 1b.


Any insight/advice/help anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated.