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Problem between Samsug Magican 6.2.1 and Intel Meomry an Storage tool after update Intel tool

(Topic created on: 06-01-2021 12:04 PM)
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After the recent update  of the Intel tool Samsung Magican does not work anymore usual.  I use 2 M2 Samsung EVO 970 SSD and 1 SATA connected Samsung 940 SSD  plus one older Intel SSD.

One of the EVO 97) is my system drive

Since the update the EVO 940 is recognized and supported  but the 2 M2 drives  are not. They were supported in earlier  Intel versions where the system 970 EVO drive was showed at the top.

The message is:

Drive 1 Intel; Corporation Recommendation:  Use Microsoft or Samsung NMVE driver.

I have tried to install te latest Samsung SSD EVO_2B2QEXE7 driver ( Express 3.3.) but then get the message "Samsung NVM device is not connected. Connect the drive and try again".

Running  on W10 Pro  Insiders version 21277 (X64)

Any suggestions how to solve this? Reported the  issue also at Intel support.