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Probably could not design a worse customer support system

(Topic created on: 29/04/21 04:35)
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Bought an SSD drive in September - couldn't format it so notified Samsung. Took a month or so before they finally sent me an RMA number. Returned the drive in January ... so far a never ending saga of me prompting them to sort this out but to no avail. It seems that they replaced the drive in February, but rather than send it to me, they sent it to the retailer. Only it was the wrong retailer. They know this - they've told. I now know it. But can I get anyone to act. 

Contact the chat line and you get a nice person who tries to help but who very quickly needs to consult their supervisor. So you wait, get asked questions, answer them and wait again. Then get told they need to contact the service dept or the enterprise dept or the tech support dept ... and someone from there will get back to you in 24-48 hours. I've been told this 10 times. It's happened twice. 

To follow up, you need to go through the whole process again.

Is it really so difficult for Samsung to design a customer support system that actually responds to customer needs?

I've reported it for the last time. I'm told someone from the enterprise dept will get back to me "in 24-48 hours". Maybe they will. Or maybe it will be the case manager. I'm not sure. 

But if it is not resolved this time, then my next stop is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Choice magazine.




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Here in the UK it's the same problem, I 100% love their products and rarely have an issue but the customer service basically doesn't exist. I had an issue with rcs messaging for months, when I got in touch it took 21 days to get back to me and all they came up with was you need to turn it back on 😑🙄