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Charger for Galaxy Book Pro 360 has failed

(Topic created on: 27-09-2023 03:56 PM)
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For some reason the charger for my Galaxy Book Pro 360 has just stopped working. At first it was giving a very weak charge that basically just slowed down how quickly my devices lost power, then it stopped working entirely for my phone and now it doesn't work to charge any of my devices whatsoever. At first I thought it was the cable but I bought new ones today and they absolutely don't work with this plug, but they work perfectly with another plug I have for the Wireless Charger Trio. Does anybody know how I could fix this or would I need to just outright by a new charger?

If I remember correctly this is a 65W travel adaptor but I can't seem to find one in white on the Samsung website...nevertheless, I just want to make sure that's the right one I need before committing to buying it in case I can't fix the one I've got.