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The brand-new Odyssey G97NB (ARK) Gaming Monitor

Samsung Content Creator

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If you’re a gamer, you’re in for a great summer. Fresh off the heels of the launch of Gaming Hub, we’ve got another hot announcement: Samsung is launching the Odyssey G97NB (ARK) Gaming Monitor. This monitor comes packed full of features to take your gaming to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make this monitor the new frontier in gaming.

First things first, the size. The Odyssey G97NB (ARK) Gaming Monitor is 55 (139.7cm). You read that right: fifty-five inches. Not only is the screen huge, but it also has 1000R curvature to give you the best, most immersive gaming experience you could dream of. This 1000R curvature means that the screen fills your peripheral vision when you’re playing, drawing you into the game and placing you at the heart of the action.

Then there’s Cockpit Mode. By rotating the screen, you can experience a whole new kind of immersion, as if you were in a cockpit. This mode is perfect for watching vertical content on an epic scale. Plus, with Multi View, you can multitask, enjoying three different types of content all at once.  And to make sure you get the perfect view, you can adjust the position of the screen via the height adjustable stand (HAS), via tilt, and via pivot.

So, now that we’ve seen the outside, you might be interested to know a bit more about the Odyssey Ark’s picture quality. And are you in for a treat! Let’s start with the Quantum Matrix Technology. This exclusive technology provides exquisite images thanks to smaller LEDs, which allow more precise lighting and smaller dimming zones, so you don’t miss a single detail, even in the darkest games.

The Odyssey G97NB (ARK) Quantum HDR 2000 gives you an incredible HDR experience, providing a brighter picture with a higher contrast ratio. All of this means that everything you see on your screen will have mind-blowing colours, and you’ll be able to see even the smallest hidden details.

Of course, first and foremost, this is a gaming monitor, which means we need to talk about performance. And it does not disappoint. At 165Hz, the Odyssey G97NB (ARK) provides the fastest refresh rates of any 55” gaming display, eliminating lag and motion blur to give you ultra-smooth action, even in 4K. Plus, with a 1ms response time, you’ll be able to enjoy fast-paced games with real-world accuracy.

So, what can you play on the Odyssey G97NB (ARK)? With four HDMI 2.1 ports, you can plug in a whole range of devices, consoles, PCs… And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this monitor still has another trick up its sleeve: it comes with Gaming Hub pre-installed! This means that you can stream amazing games from NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia, Utomik, and Xbox with no need for any additional consoles.

The Odyssey G97NB (ARK) with all its amazing features will be available soon, so watch this space!

Are you looking forward to trying out the Odyssey Ark? Let us know in the comments!

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