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Eye to Eye with a Tiger

Community Manager



Tigers are one of the poster-animals of the conservation movement. These majestic creatures were once a common sight all over Asia but are now a first-class endangered species, with fewer than 3,900 of them still living in the wild. Not only are tigers themselves under threat, but so too are the ecosystems and habitats where they once thrived.



To help draw attention to the plight of the tiger and the need to protect these animals, as well as their habitats, Samsung teamed up with Discovery and Project C.A.T (Conserving Acres for Tigers) to produce a documentary called ‘Eye to Eye with a Tiger’. This unique documentary was filmed on a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Project C.A.T was started by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Discovery. It aims to preserve remaining tiger populations’ natural habitats.


On ‘Eye to Eye with a Tiger’, Samsung and Discovery worked closely with Yashas Narayan, a wildlife photographer based in India to film tigers and show them to viewers all over the world. The documentary was filmed in Jaipur, India, and it follows Narayan as he ventures deep into the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park in search of tigers.


With help from his Galaxy S21 Ultra, Narayan captures the wildlife he sees throughout his journey. Along the way, he provides the viewer with tips on wildlife photography and the different camera modes that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has to help capture amazing scenes.

At the end of the documentary, Narayan and his team finally encounter a wild tiger in all its glory using the S21 Ultra. And not only did he manage to film a tiger, but he was also able to capture footage of it hunting, something that wildlife photographers and filmmakers wait years to be able to see.


Whilst filming the tiger, Narayan wanted to take some photos too. Fortunately, the S21 Ultra’s camera has 8K Video Snap, which allowed him to capture the scene in front of him both in video and ultra-high-definition photo formats at the same time.


To use 8K Video Snap, simply go to Video option, adjust the video quality setting to 8K and start recording. When you want to take a photo, after ending recording the video, just tap the 8K Video Snap icon in the left corner to capture the moment. You can also choose individual frames of a video to save as photos: open a video you’ve already recorded and go backwards and forwards in the video to find the moment you want to save as a photo. Once you’ve got it, tap the 8K Video Snap icon.


The S21 Ultra also comes with a powerful zoom, which is perfect for getting close-up shots, and helped Narayan to capture stunning footage of the tiger. Zoom in either 3x, 10x, or even 100x to capture objects in the distance!


Have you watched ‘Eye to Eye with a Tiger’? Let us know in the comments!


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