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Connect your Galaxy Buds to iMac or MacBook

Community Manager




Please Note: Availability of this hack may be affected by your device model or OS


These days, it's not uncommon to amass a real treasure trove of personal devices, from a range of different manufacturers. Cross-system compatibility has never been more important – or demanded – and we love helping gadgeteers connect and use their technologies in the ways they need. 


If you're working with an Apple computer such as an iMac or MacBook, it's easy to pair your Galaxy Buds+. All you need to do is navigate to System Preferences on your Apple computer, find your Bluetooth settings and connect to your wireless earbuds. 


How to set it up:

  1. Make sure that your iMac or MacBook is switched on
  2. Disconnect your Galaxy Buds+ from any other devices and place them inside their case
    • Check you have closed the case
  3. On your Apple computer, open the Apple menu and then click System Preferences
    • The Apple menu can be found in the top-left corner of the screen. It is a symbol that looks like an apple
  4. From System Preferences, click Bluetooth
  5. Open the Galaxy Buds+ case to begin the pairing sequence
  6. Your computer will now detect your wireless earbuds. When they appear, click Connect next to Galaxy Buds+
  7. When your Galaxy Buds+ are connected, start enjoying your content!


If you've got something to add, let us know in the comments below!

The Community Team 🤝


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