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Woofer won't connect to Soundbar

(Topic created on: 16-05-2023 05:15 PM)
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Hello, my woofer won't connect to the soundbar. It has the red and blue light constantly blinking. I have tried resetting the connection many times. This has not worked as it only establishes connection briefly (2secs) with a steady blue light, then disconnects and resumes the red and blue blinking. 

sound bar warranty
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Good luck. I purchased mine during Thanks giving 2022. Today is June 2nd, 2023 and I have 7 calls to Samsung so far. Everytime they re-issue new tickets stating previous representative did not issue ticket correctly.  On first call they did 3-hr long troubleshooting and advised to get replacement part. and issue the ticket for the replacement. Since then everytime I called samsung, they are saying the ticket was not issued properly and let me re-issue new ticket and escalate it.  Trust me, so far I have pile of tickets in 3 months and none of them are processed. Supervisor made it clear to me that they don't have capability to accept the return. This means we are robbed by Samsung. I'd suggest contact once and ask for return if you can otherwise start working with your credit card company and submit a claim. Most credit cards offer the claim support and refund for the defective product that you receive from such big name.