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Samsung should remake and re-release the Samsung Level Over's

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I just dropped my Level overs and broke the headband. I'm upset about it because Samsung no longer makes these headphones. So I search online for headphones that are comparable and concluded that Samsung should make more Level Overs. These headphones were probably the best headphones ever made. I found a site called; they have data on over 1600 pairs of headphones. I searched for headphones with low and high-frequency range on par with my level overs, and the only headphones that were better were Sony WH-1000XM3&4. and only barely. When looking through the Level Overs' specs, I noticed that rated them too low in some places. If they corrected that, the M4's wouldn't have outscored the level overs.

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Don't get me wrong, the Level Overs had their faults, they could've been louder, but with the active noise canceling feature, I rarely felt like I was missing out in that department. The bass could've been more present, and the hand band shouldn't be a piece of plastic that can break from a 2-foot drop. otherwise, these are my favorite headphones ever, and I wish they were still on the market.

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