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Samsung ks8000 TV and Samsung ms750 soundbar 5.1!


Hi all

I will try and make this short as best as I can!


Samsung TV 65ks8000

Samsung hw-ms750 soundbar

Two Samsung radiant r3 speakers.

Samsung hw 700 sub

All firmware upto date.


I'm  currently using hdmi arc as my connection,but I can not seem to find away to connect my R3 speakers as surrounds whilst using the arc input..


Reason I want arc as well as surrounds is because when I'm using 5.1 surround over wi-fi it won't let me change sound settings like surround or other sound modes on the soundbar and it sounds better than using everything over wi-fi, also it drops now and again.


So lol is there anyway I can get my rear speakers acting as surround whilst in hdmi arc ?? 


I've heard something about using an optical cable but I'm not sure..


Anyway much appreciate all the help 


Anyone able to help! Thx.

It's driving me nuts...

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