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Samsung HW-Q990C Surround Speaker Position and subwoofer

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
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Hi, I recently bought this bar, I do not know very well what is the correct position of the surround speakers and subwoofer, I am testing until I assemble the furniture and the final distribution, I currently have the rear surround speakers behind the sofa at about ear height with the orientation as it says in the documentation, then I do not know if it is better to move it to the front, as it also allows the smarthings configuration, putting them in the front will be enjoyed as in

About the subwoofer I do not know what is its optimal orientation, if the front facing the listener or turned as the second photo, I am also somewhat concerned because on the other side of that wall have the bedroom a neighbor and I do not know if he will notice the subwoofer, I do not know if it matters as it is positioned and orientation of the subwoofer or it is better to even put it in another location behind the sofa, thank you very much.

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