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Soundbar HW-Q950A only soundbar plays music after WiFi wake, no rear/sw

(Topic created on: 24-11-2023 06:38 PM)

Hi, I have a problem where waking the system through Spotify app (WiFi) in order to play the music only wakes the soundbar. It's HW-Q950A – with subwoofer and two rear speakers.

Here are repro steps:
1. I use TV + soundbar system (subwoofer/rear) e.g. for Gaming.
2. I turn TV off and after some time (15-20mins? Maybe faster) either me or someone else connected to WiFi uses Spotify app to start playing music on the soundbar.
3. Soundbar wakes up and starts playing but subwoofer and rear speakers do not.
4. The mode is the last mode used (e.g. Gaming). If I use SmartThings app to switch mode to e.g. Surround or Standard then it changes the „volume” on soundbar but other speakers are still off.
5. Using the remote or SmartThings app to change subwoofer volume or any other settings in the app does not help – only soundbar plays music.
6. I have to turn TV on/off or switch soundbar from WiFi to sth else (e.g. bluetooth) and back in order to wake the whole system. Then the whole system can play music through WiFi until it goes to sleep again.

According to the app the system is up to date (1011.1). I tried re-adding it to SmartThings app and disconnecting all devices from electricity.

Is there anything else I should do? Did anyone have such a problem?