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Q900T + Freebox Pop Player (Android TV) : image blinking and no 4K

(Topic created on: 24-06-2021 02:23 PM)


First of all, to ensure the understanding, here is my current setup :
- LG 70UM7100 TV
- Samsung Q900T soundbar
- Freebox Player Pop (Android TV)
- Sony UBP-X800M2 Bluray Player

Sony UBP-X800M2 Bluray Player as Freebox Player Pop (Android TV) are connected to Samsung Q900T soundbar respectively through HDMI IN ports 1 and 2. Samsung Q900T soundbar is connected through its HDMI port (eARC) to HDMI port 2 (ARC) of LG 70UM7100 TV.
Dunno if it maters but, Sony UBP-X800M2 Bluray Player works perfectly in this setup (Dolby Atmos sound OK, 4K OK).

When I powe ON the Freebox Pop Player (Android TV), as soon as the logo Freebox has gone, display and sound begin to “blink” something like all 1 second (1s display black and no sound, 1s display and sound "normal"). Doing many test, I succeed once to get display and sound "normal" and stable after few waiting seconds, but I don't know how. And still, that wasn't fully OK as the Freebox Pop Player (Android TV) displayed in 1080p.

According to you, what is the problem ? How can I fix it, please ?

As an alternative, I've connected Freebox Pop Player (Android TV) to HDMI port 1 of LG 70UM7100 TV : it works in 4K, but I can't have Dolby Atmos sound from content play on the Freebox Pop Player (Android TV) (5.1 max as it's HDMI ARC and not eARC on LG 70UM7100 TV).


First Poster

Hello, I have the same issue. 

Samsung Q65Q70RATXXC

Samsung Q900T connected HDMI ARC

Freebox Player POP Android on HDMI 1 or HDMI2

After the Firmware update for the Q900T, 4K source on HDMI1 or HDMI2 on the Q900T, the image continually blink.

I have send the Q900T in repair to Samsung. They change the motherboard. After that is was OK. But it was not the last firmware so I made the update with Sarmthings in version 1019.5 and then same thing appeared !!


So it is unusable in this configuration !!


Help Samsung please