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Overloaded speaker on my UE55ES8000...?!

(Topic created on: 20-09-2021 04:54 PM)
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My TV is nearly 10 years old now, and the picture is fine, but over the last year or so it has been struggling to offer a full enough range in audio response.   It simply cannot handle reasonably high or low frequency sound any more without crackling or squawking (yes, technical terms!)   I should point out that we have NEVER turned the volume up really loud or abused the set in any way, and only have a SKY box connected.  It says it has had all available Updates.  

I'm not talking problems only with loud really struggles with just normal sound in normal everyday SD programmes, both with standard satellite broadcasting and with streaming services eg Netflix & Amazon.  We do find that many modern drama series have such moody, mumbly dialogue that we have to turn the volume up to 15/25, but then the limitations of the Speaker are even more exposed, often with the background music.  Pretty much having to turn on Subtitles every night.  Please, is there something I'm missing with adjustments or is my speaker simply knackered after just 10 years ordinary usage?  Thanks!

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Hi @Members_y3xjqHG  the latest firmware for your model is  2023.0 released December 2019.  If you do not have this it can be downloaded  to USB  and updated that way.     You could also try a  Factory Reset to see if that makes a difference.      However to me this sounds like general wear and  tear,  on average Smart Tv's will ne beyond their best in 7 years.    Whist a Sound Bar is an option I would imagine that it will  not just be problems with the audio  in the near future.   However some information on Soundbars which you may wish to consider even  if you upgrade your Tv.  However obviously  the inbuilt speakers will be better on a modern TV.  Have you noticed any deterioration in picture quality?

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