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Ms650 sound bar and swa9100s wireless speakers won't connect

(Topic created on: 19-09-2021 11:38 PM)
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Help, I have a Samsung ms650 sound bar and just bought swa9100s wireless speakers. When I follow the instructions they won't connect. It say to turn sound bar off make sure blue light is flashing on speaker reciever and then press the mute button for 5 seconds till it says I'd set I manage this OK but just won't connect. Tv sound bar all on same network.

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Hi @Grayson6  The LED indicator should blink before turning solid blue, is this the case?  You could turn off the Soundbar and try again.  If after the  process you get a red light though you need to press the ID set button on the wireless receiver for 5-6 seconds  with a pen tip  until the indicator blinks blue before following the set up process again.  see more here 

If still issues idea to reset your router by switching off at mains.

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