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Music through aux port

(Topic created on: 26-04-2022 07:02 PM)
Tyrannical govt
First Poster

 I have my Note 10 playing through a aux cord in my car..It works fine , it is louder than the junk bluetooth adapter and sounds amazing. 

The problem is when I shut car off and go to hook it up the next day it won't work..To fix it again I have to change settings in developer options or change some settings.  But I can't figure out which one is actually changing on it's own.

  I'm not sure,  but other times it seems like I have to plug the adapter into the phone first, then have aux cord already plugged into the car radio then plug other end into the adapter last..none of this makes sense. 

   Without changing the cars radio , this is the only acceptable way the sound is loud, and I know it works.  But I don't know why it won't keep or what settings the phone is changing because I use Bluetooth buds and switch between different vehicles. 

  Any idea's?