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Multiroom App Issues; No reply from Samsung support; Bugfixes which could be implemented

(Topic created on: 07-12-2017 10:05 AM)

I had to make this thread again because the previous one was deleted without any reason. 


Writing to the following emails did not bring any help, they just do not reply:,,


I faced various troubles with the Multiroom App for Android devices (Galaxy S7).


1. There is no equalizer in the surround mode (HW-J8500R + 2 R1 Speakers), so you have to listen to the music in neutral (flat) settings. This is very disappointing.

 At the same time, it is possible to configure the equalizer in the surround mode via Windows PC, the PC App has this feature, the Android App does not.

This issue has to be fixed, otherwise it makes no pleasure listening to the flat sound. Equalizer is a must in any of modes, if you want to make your soundbars and wireless speakers more attractive on the market.

 2. Each time when you want to play music not in the surround mode, you have to cancel the surround mode and to group the speakers manually again. It would have been better to be able to have both options together.

 For example: you have the surround setup option simultaneously with the group mode. You will just have to tap either on surround or on the group to make the particular mode to work.

 This option will oust the everlasting necessity of creating of a surround setup when watching tv and creating of a group setup when listening to the music. See the screenshot attached.  

 3. When using a "group setup" R1 speakers do not function while watching the TV. In this case, the soundbar only works but the R1 speakers are silent. The TV is connected to the soundbar via HDMI ARC. The only possible way to get the R1 speakers work - is to switch to the "surround setup". 

 Please, enable the feature when it will be possible to hear the sound from the R1 speakers while watching the TV in a "group setup".

 4. It is not possible to configure the level of a subwoofer via App. 


I hope that my voice would be heard. 






Hi @alxmorph.


Unsure what happened, but the older thread is still here and open. I'll just close this one rather than delete it, but send me a PM with more info if you're having trouble accessing the older thread. :robothappy: