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MultiRoom App (Amazon Music Sign-in address invalid)?

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Good morning all!


I'm trying to setup the Samsung MultiRoom (iOS) app to use Amazon Music but getting invalid address message.

I've included screenshots below in order of the process. My Pandora account works fine and was able to sign in but just not amazon. Has anyone ran into this issue or know how to resolve it?


My guess is it's an app issue (maybe the app has an incorrect redirect or something)... I've tried to look under my Amazon account to see if there was anyway I could connect to the multiroom app directly from my amazon account but haven't found a way. Does anyone know if there is a way to do it?




Hi @hansokl 


Did you manage to get this sorted out? Are you able to log in to your Amazon account OK on a PC/laptop? Have you tried contacting Amazon directly?


Thanks for the response! I can access my amazon account and use their music and video app fine on any device.


I think it’s an issue with the iOS Samsung MultiRoom app so contacting amazon wouldn’t help. Any other ideas?


Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling to see if that makes any difference.


I tried that and got the same result. I’m curious to know if anyone has gotten this to work with iOS app/amazon music?

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