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Interesting Issue with HWMS650 Soundbar


I recently bought a HWMS650 soundbar to run with my Q7 TV. 

Initially I had problems with the reliability of the optical link, and after very helpful advice received here I used the ARC HDMI  connection instead. That solved the problem.

But after a week of using it this way, I found that the soundbar had set up a WiFi connection to the TV and was using that instead, causing a lipsync problem due to the delay over WiFi.


Now here's the thing. The TV is connected by ethernet, and I have never set up its WiFi.  And I have never connected the soundbar to the WiFi either - I haven't even read the instructions on setting it up.


My WiFi network is tied down pretty tightly. It has a long and complex passphrase. WPS and uPNP are disabled. So how did this WiFi connection between the TV and soundbar come about? 


I have disabled the WiFi connection now by blocking the soundbar's MAC in the router.  But how did it happen in the first place?


Have you used the app on your phone? 


I have used the Smart Things app

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