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HW-Q950T distorted sound and PRT shutdowns out of the box

(Topic created on: 22-12-2020 02:11 PM)

Hi all!

Picked these up during BF along with the Q95T; installed the TV more or less straight away and the speaker system two days ago once I found the time and our guests had left the house. I've been experiencing issues since the start:

Initially everything seemed to work ok, except for the rears not syncing. Fixed using the ID Set button on the rear and running the sync from the soundbar. Tested a bit, liked what we heard, switched off. Later during the evening, watching some episodes on TV the sound suddenly became really poor and lacking punch, I thought it was the source so paused, tested another episode, sounded ok again so we continued watching without further problems. A bit later I thought I'd impress the kids and play some music, but yikes! Very weak sound, subwoofer not active at all. I could hear how the different elements in the soundbar itself were kicking in then going quiet again (as if it was switching sound modes or so), and after a short while the soundbar switched off after displaying "PRT" for a short while.

I've since experienced problems with speakers not producing sound despite solid blue light, sound only from soundbar and doing the weird thing where different elements appear to kick in and disappear again; wife asked "what are you doing" but I wasn't doing anything, just playing a song. I've updated firmware from USB, did several INITs, I've reconnected the speakers etc. Sometimes it works for a while, but next time I power up the system it's trouble again and it regularly switches off showing the "PRT" message. Often the subwoofer doesn't kick in, probably not the rears either but I've not really monitored these since the issues with the soundbar itself are so obvious and the lack of subwoofer is apparent immediately.

Has anybody experienced this same problem? I've tried both HDMI through eARC and BT, the problem occurs for both scenarios. Soundbar often acting weird then powers down. I've been in contact with Samsung Support, they are now referring me to their service partner meaning I have to either drop the system off there myself (50km drive single way) or ask for a shipping label and ship it. Considering it appears to be more or less DOA I suggested they ship me a new one and I return this unit so they can take care of it themselves, but that apparently is a definitive no-go. Quite displeased at this point and I'm afraid it's a hardware issue I'm experiencing?

I've spent some time investigating and although there's very little info on this particular model, I found topics about similar issues with the Q90R amongst others. Some related the problem to volume level exceeding 23.... Didn't see any real solution though, but did read some who had their units serviced and power board replaced/received a new unit.

When I'm back home I'll try and redo the FW update and make sure the rear and sub are included, not quite convinced these were updated (possibly not connected/synced properly at the time). I found the instructions for checking the FW version of all components, will have a look.


Hi again

After reading about Q90R issues I wonder now if the firmware update I did also updated the subwoofer and rear speakers; I'm wondering since the connection with the sub and rears appears to have been unstable to say the least, and I suppose that if the connection wasn't there the sub and rear didn't get updated. That said, the unit will not run the update a 2nd time from the USB stick, so I can't be sure. I did check current versions:

M - 0074.0

B - 1017.5

H - 0071.0

W - 0245.0

S - 0138.0

RR - 0138.0

RL - 0138.0

Can anybody confirm if these are the updated versions for the sub and rear speakers as well? If not, is there any way to force these to update also?

Currently testing keeping the volume below 23 when powering up the unit, as I read some users had found that the PRT error message and shutdown would only appear above volume 23. I'm wondering if the problem occurs when volume is set too high and there is no connection with the sub and rears, forcing the circuitry into protection mode?

First Poster

Hi TePeLZ!

I'm experiencing the same problem! Just got mine and straight out the box there's distortion especially in the rear speakers. I've got them set up low around the head level when sitting, while my soundbar is on a console with the TV. We never get anywhere close to that volume level though. 

What solutions did you try? Anything in particular you'd recommend before I head back to the vendor?




Good morning, sorry to hear that 😞

I had a similar thread at reddit, you can have a look if anything posted there may be of help?


For me the subwoofer kept dropping connection when the system was in standby, and the main bar sometimes sounded great but sometimes it gave a distorted sound and then shutdown with the PRT message.


In the end I drove it to the local repair center, they had it for about 2 weeks and then I got a message it was ready to be picked up. They replaced one of the circuit boards inside the sound bar (driving the amps) and the entire subwoofer. It's been working flawless since, always connects all speakers and no more shutdowns. So in my case there were definitely hardware issues.


Hope this helps, and I hope you can solve your issue - the speakers are awesome, especially if picked up at a nice discount!