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HW-Q910B Soundbar falls back to stereo

(Topic created on: 24-10-2023 02:46 PM)

I have audio problem with this soundbar...

Plugged on my TV (Hisense 75U78KM) on the HDMI3/eARC, TV audio is set to passthrough, I play a movie on Disney+ for instance, TV is saying the signal is EAC3, soundbar info says it is DD+, all is good, but when I pause/FF/REWIND the movie, the soundbar falls back to "Stereo PCM". There is no way to have the good audio back, except switch off everything and restart everything.

When I plug my tv box (arris Xi6, very common IPTV box) on the TV or directly on the HDMI input of the soundbar, when the TV box audio is set as passthrough to have the original audio signal, it is rightly decoded as DD+ on the soundbar, but same thing when I pause/FF/REWIND the tv box, the soundbar falls back to "Stereo PCM". Same if TV box is plugged on TV (HDMI1) and sound going back to soundbar via eARC.

I tested multiple HDMI 2.1 cables brands, all certified (checked with the HDMI app).

If I don't do anything that touch the sound output, the movie plays in DD+ all the way, but as soon as there is an audio cut because of a pause/FF/REWIND, it fails.

It looks like a HDCP problem? Anyone has the same problem?

First Poster

I have the same issue with this soundbar and my Hisense 75" U8K.   I have it connected to the e-arc and set the tv on passthrough.Did you figure anything out?


Absolutely not, Samsung support told me to put the soundbar in bluetooth, lol?!?

I need to disable pass-through on the TV then the soundbar will decode as MULTI-PCM and I rarely have problem with this setting, but sometimes it still rarely fallback in stereo...

Hisense told me to send a bug report to them, but even in developer mode on the TV there is no menu entry to send one.