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HW-Q90R Update Loop Issues

(Topic created on: 15/12/20 06:03)
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I recently picked up this soundbar from someone reselling theirs (may have been a mistake 😓) . 


Since getting it home, I have not been able to set it up. Both the subwoofer and Rear speakers do not connect and are always blinking blue. When I power on the bar, it appears to be stuck in an update loop. It'll display: 




Eventually it'll stop at D.IN but the only thing that functions is the sound mode chooser. Volume is stuck at 20, cannot change source. Although it says D.IN, there is no sound output. I've heard a few seconds of sound while it cycles through the update loop when connected via optical cable, but that's it. 


I also cannot connect to it on smartthings, even if I scan the QR code. It'll say QR code invalid. 


I've tried to see if I could update it via USB, but nothing appears to happen. 


I am unable to factory reset by holding down the volume up and down buttons. 


Is there any hope for me? I have come across a few other people's posts here with what seems to be the same issue, but with no conclusion. Is the only solution sending it out for repair? 


I had gotten it out of the loop somehow the first night I had it, but being the fool I am, I thought it would be a great idea to do the factory reset, and that unfortunately brought me back to the same loop. 


(For reference, I am connecting to an LG Oled E6)