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HW-N300 soundbar audio issue

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I have a HW-N300 soundbar connected to a Panasonic TV via optical. 


I use my PS4 slim to for streaming and DVDs/blurays.  I'm experiencing brief dropouts of audio from the soundbar following periods of silence on screen, as if the soundbar is taking a second to begin outputting each new section of audio.   It's as if the silent parts of a video are interpreted as a lack of audio signal, making the soundbar briefly drop out.  The bar then needs to "wake up" to output the next audio signal, which manifests as a delays in the sound.


There are no issues when audio signal is constant (eg scenes with background music), only after periods of silence on screen. 


I've noticed other HW-N300 users have had similar issues.  Is there a remedy beyond "update the software and turnitoffandonagain"?  Change to aux input perhaps?  I'm considering buying a HDMI audio converter in order to send the audio signal from my PS4 slim directly to the soundbar - might this work?


Any help much appeciated.

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