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HW-H550 has died in a power trip, need to replace it!

(Topic created on: 30-06-2021 04:16 PM)
First Poster

I came home the other day to find the power tripped in my house.

I have a Samsung HW-H550/XU sound bar which no longer powers on (this was on the same loop as the power trip).

The sub woofer which is wirelessly paired still lights up so I suspect that is working okay.

I tried replacing the fuse and still no power to it. I suspect it's now dead.

The issue of course is that this is a good 6 or 7  years old now so finding a like for like replacement is going to be tough.

So my question really, how do I know what is compatible with the sub woofer I have? Is it JUST the sound bar I have (it was bought as a set) or is it bluetooth and as a result fairly universal?

With that in mind, does anyone have any suggestions on what to replace it with? The soundbar was a gift from a grandparent who has now sadly passed away so I have no proof of purchase for any sort of warranty claim, I also can't afford to pay big money on this, I could perhaps stretch to about £100.  Don't mind buying used if it means I can keep the subwoofer and get my sound back for cheap