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EDID Error Issue

(Topic created on: 19-04-2023 05:47 PM)
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Before I raise a support ticket I'm just seeing if anyone knows about this issue already and if anything can be done (or have I got a duff Q990b).

My setup is an nVidia Shield Pro plugged into HDM1 on the Q990b sound bar. The Q990b is then plugged into my Optima CinemaX P2 4k Projector via the eARC ports. This for the most part works perfectly as I would expect however periodically (sometimes every 30 seconds, sometimes I can go an hour or so without it happening) the screen goes blank, the sound continues and then I get an EDID error message shown by the projector. The system majority of the time then recovers and starts showing the picture again, sometimes it doesn't the sound bar changes from HDM1 to the eARC output.

Through process of elimination, I've worked it out to be the Q990b (I can plug the nVidia Shield Pro straight into the project and I don't get this issue). I've also read somewhere (I've lost the link) that another one of the Samsung Soundbars had to have a firmware update for a very similar issue.

Does anyone have any further information on this or should I raise a support ticket?