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Discord/WhatsApp Call Horrible Media Audio

(Topic created on: 11-05-2020 11:10 PM)

I've seen one post about this before, but I'd like to post it again as we haven't gotten a response from Samsung. 


When using a VoIP app like Discord or WhatsApp, the Audio Quality all other Media (Music, YouTube, Games, ECT) drops to a tremendously low quality. Everything sounds super flat and low bitrate. I believe this has something to do with how Samsung handles a "Call mode." No amount of options I've messed with has come out with a fix, (Minus using wired Headphones with a Dongle and selecting call mode in Discord. This DOES NOT WORK FOR BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES.) I've made tripple  sure to check 3 different dongles, 3 different wires headphones, and 3 different bluetooth headphones, as well as try Discords Beta mode.


What we're dealing with here is something I believe to be an entirely Samsung issue and it's driving me mad. If you wish to replicate this Samsung, it's quite easy to do.


1). Use a pair of Bluetooth Headphones or Wired headphones

2). Connect to a Voice channel or call in Discord or WhatsApp

3). Play any other Media Audio.


You will see just how horrible the Audio Quality gets. 


I'm begging you guys, send us an update or something, It can't be that hard to fix.