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disappeared photos when moving to OneDrive

(Topic created on: 12-04-2021 05:41 PM)
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I was prompted to do the move from MyFiles to OneDrive and doing this all photos and videos moved to OneDrive but only up until photos dated September 2020 due to OneDrive becoming full.
However, all photos have disappeared in my gallery?! I have all videos up until today's date, but no photos!? Does any one know why or how I can get them back?

Thankfully Google cloud has the rest of the photos missing, but only up until the date of the 12th January.

So basically, the photos from the last month have disappeared! Can anyone help? 

My sd card and my files have also been stripped down during this move that Samsung prompted me to do.

And yes, I have checked ALL recycle bins in Google, OneDrive, my phone etc

I have a S20 if that helps? Recent programme updates completed on 15th Jan 

Please help, I've lost memories of my new born daughter thanks to this issue 
So I rememeber when I got my phone I read a message about onedrive and storage needing moved but I was too eager to play about with the phone that I'm not even sure what I'm required to do. I asked for request to download my Samsung Cloud data from my Samsung online account because my assumption was it was closing down and moving to Onedrive but is that the case? I eventually got my Cloud storage download but now I can't access Samsung Cloud. I have 1tb of Onedrive storage until 2025 so I'm not bothered at all but I'm extremely paranoid over losing photos. I've got 16 years of photos saved but lost 2 years (terrible years so I'm not too fussed) to a hard drive failure. And since then I use 3 cloud services and 2 offline backups (one HDD and one SSD each 1tb) as well as internal storage of 1tb.
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Certainly best to have a few back up options. Know this was a while go  but is not a back up you can restore @LCJ2 .  Anyway some possible options in this article 

@RXM  The cut off point for  Migrating Data with One Drive in the Uk/Ireland  was 31 March 2021,however until 30 June to download Data to  Device or PC. 


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