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Anynet/HDMI-CEC and ARC not working

Hi there,

I have this problem for over a month now.

I have a Samsung TV model UE49MU8005 connected to a Pioneer Receiver model VSX-LX302. Everyhting is well connected, as far as i know, TV firmware is 1210.8.

Tv is connected through a recent HDMI cable (UHD, ARC, etc etc) from the ARC output of the receiver to the ARC input of the TV (HDMI 4). Anynet is on.

When I disconnect the cable and connect it again, it starts identifying the source on the TV and it always says "unknown source" so i have to manually configure the tv remote. After it detects my Receiver, turns it on and off ok, and finishes the connection. Everything seems ok. But the problem starts here:

- The sound does not come out through HDMI from the TV if I select an app from the hub. Neither it does if it's connected to the antenna of the tv.

- I have sound from the cable box and from a PC both connected to the receiver.

- The receiver has CEC on but it the sound is not there. When I disconnect the CEC on the receiver and connect it again, it starts searching for CEC devices but the answer is "no CEC device"! Although the TV is connected of course..

- Anynet stops working too, it doesn't control my receiver when this is happening.

- This bug goes on and off. It works sometimes, other times it doesn't. It seems that theres is some problem in the TV that disconnects automatically HDMI CEC, and then it just doesn't come back.

- I changed cables, update firmwares, disconnected everything and waited, then connected again, called Samsung support and they just don't seem to know what I'm talking about... The problem always persist.

Frankly, I'm considering returning the TV. It's new and for the price it should NEVER cause such hassle.

This is about something that should work perfectly and is not doing so. And it seems that everyone at Samsung knows the problem exists, they just don't know how to solve it... (according to the countless discussions about this topic, at least at the US community..).

Please help!


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I have a Samsung UE40MU6400 and until recently used a Bose Solo 5 Sound Bar using the optical connection between the TV and the Sound Bar. Sound was very good and I particularly liked the dialogue mode on the Bose.


However I was disappointed that I had to use the clumsy Bose remote control to control the sound and the Samsung remote for everything else (except sub titles so had to use my YouView remote for this).


Bose have just launched a new sound bar called Bose TV Soundbar which has both optical and HDMI/ARC connectors, and having heard that the ARC sound connection is the way forward I bit the bullet and bought the Bose (on three month trial).


Bose advertising indicated.....

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Bose TV Speaker uses a single connection to your TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately), so you can go from unboxing to watching in no time. And with HDMI-CEC, you can use your current TV remote to control the volume of the speaker. It detects a signal from your TV when turned on and automatically turns on too. that sounds simple, even I could do that!


Anyway after spending two mornings playing around and still only getting (grotty) sound from my TV, I was about to give up and send the speaker back and go back to my Bose Solo 5 with optical connection!


I then thought perhaps I ought to check my TV settings and ignore the Bose advertising *****! So I started to play with my Samsung settings for Anynet/HDMI-CEC and Arc. This I did and after about 20 minutes my new Bose TV Soundbar was working as it should. The sound from the Bose TV Soundbar is fantastic, I can control the sound on my TV (Bose Soundbar) with the Samsung Smart Remote control. The dialogue mode is even better than the Bose Solo 5.


So don't give up Samsung folks, it may not help you, but my Anynet/HDMI-CEC and ARC is working and I (and Mrs Jet Lagg) am thrilled.




This is a reply to UCONNASS - Try removing your optical cable and only use ARC. You may be confusing the TV!


Glad it works.  Give it a few weeks and all of a sudden it will stop working.  Samsung suggest unhooking everything and powering it all of.  it will start to work again.  for a few more weeks .....good luck.  respond back in a few if it is stable please

Oh ye of little faith! Watch this space!

 I have been watching this space but there are no answers only questions as to why the ARC does not work on these TVs


I have seen your suggestion a number of times here but it's not a solution it's just a workaround. A workaround that works for you and others but not for me and others.


The solution is in Samsung hands and if they had any interest in keeping their customers they would have fixed this month's ago.


Other manufacturers manage to make ARC and CEC work reliably even Samsung of old has managed this now seemingly impossible feat.


Do I want to keep sending my money to a manufacturer which doesn't even acknowledge that this fault exists much less engage with its customers. No I don't. 


I also had a problem originally.  I have samsung 49" curved 4k hdr tv hooked up to 70qr soundbar.


I had Sony blu-ray,  telus TV box and computer hooked up to it. It did work fine on the first try but after shutting it off it would not work. I did the power off thing but still a problem. 


So what I did i unhooked everything and try who the culprit is.


1 tried soundbar by itself and worked fine.

2 tried the blu-ray and still worked fine. 

3 plugged in the tv box then it stopped working. 

4 with that I unplugged everything once more and tried soundbar alone which worked then the tv box again and it stopped working


So it was the tv box thst was the problem.  I changed the the tv box to a new 4k one and voila  all is fine now. 


Sometimes you need to try all devices one at the time to find the problem.


I used this YouTube video to connect my onkyo to Samsung TV and works fine.


This is a 9 year old video and the Onkyo and Samsung Screens are now quite different. For sure on the post 2018 equipment, this will not work and if you get it to work, it will not last.


I do wish you luck with this. If you do have pre 2018 equipment,  you may be OK.


Eric, I have a brand new Marantz NR1710, 49" new Samsung TV... same problem...gutted as it's all a new setup and this is fundamental

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