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Xcover 4 microphone problems

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To whom it may concern,

I use a new Xcover 4 since some weeks. Unfortunately, respondents have informed me about the following since I have it: During a call it appears that they can hardly hear me for some seconds. They report that I sound "dull"/"far away" and very quiet then. I would not have changed the position of my hand by then so the reason to cover the microphone physically shouldn't be the reason. The time this defect occurs is various and also the length of the disturbance varies from about 1 sec to several seconds. It also occurs while I have not changed my location either. 

What can I do? Will I have to send back the product or is there any chance that I could do something software wise?

Your quick reply would be very much appreciated. 

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Superuser I



May I assume that you do not have a case or screen protector that might obstruct your speakers?


You can test your speakers by selecting *#0*# and selecting the speaker options. Please check if lint or dirt gets into the speaker terminals.


Sometimes the network signal can also affect call quality. A good tip is to turn off 4G and 3G in the phone's connection settings to force 2G, which can improve call quality.


Finally, a Samsung Service Center can perform a diagnostic test on the phone.


I wish you all the best in this situation.



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the user is saying his call recipients are complaining of low volume - so his speakers are not relevant 

his microphone is the issue and i have the same problem - i can not see any obstruction to the microphone hole and callers complain of my voice being fait or far away. this has just recently happened and phoen is still under warranty .

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